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HSE. Human factors is often used in relation to

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HSE  Which of the following is not a requirement of low voltage safe isolation practice?

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HSE   When using an extension cable reel, which of the following statements is correct?

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HSE  Who is totally responsible for providing PPEs for the protection of their employees as needed or required?

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  1. What should you do if the toilets on your site are continually dirty?

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HSE _________ is not one a duty of a factory inspector?

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HSE  When must you wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by your employer?

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HSE  ________ is a tragic occurrence, crises or disaster

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HSE _________ is not a precaution needed to avoid accident in manual handling.

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HSE   If a cream coloured band is located over the fire extinguisher, it indicates that the fire extinguisher is which of the following?


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HSE Security activities are concerned with security against……………. factors

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HSE  The type of accident that kills most construction site workers is:

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HSE  An electric drill is to be used. Before use, who should carry out a check on the tool?

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HSE  When MUST an employer provide their employees with personal protective equipment (PPE

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HSE. Fires that are fueled by _________ require you to use water fire extinguishers in order to fight them

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HSE The word “ergonomics” was coined in ………. by K.F.H Murrel

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HSE    A mobile plant operator can let you ride in the machine:

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HSE  Ladders should not be painted because:

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HSE. Keyboards, mice, and other devices that are developed using ergonomics are said to have

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HSE  ________________ is a very careful study of all the components of work system in order to detect problems, to understand the relationship between the system and the problem in order to eliminate the problem and its potential consequences

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HSE __________ is not a benefit of near miss reporting?

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HSE.  When fighting and electrical fire, which of the following should not be used?

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HSE   When is head protection required to be worn on a construction site to comply with the Construction (Head Protection) Regulations?

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HSE   Another name for “technical causes” is……………

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HSE  Mesothelioma is associated with

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HSE   Ergonomics is a combination of two Greek words

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HSE  When can you work from a ladder?

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HSE    Which one of the following must apply to any hard hat provided

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HSE  If your hands are very dirty, what should you use to get them clean

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HSE   Which of the following ia journey? Which of the following is to be checked before commencement of a journey?

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HSE..   ………refers to any work that could create a source of ignition that could result in a fire or explosion

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HSE Which of these is not a hazard in construction?

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HSE  In journey plan, one of the following is not a means of communication

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HSE     When considering what measures to take to protect people’s health and safety, PPE should always be regarded as:

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HSE. Which of the following is regarded as harmful effect of theft?

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HSE   ……………is a set of driving skills that allows an individual to defend himself against possible collisions caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, poor weather and bad road condition.

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HSE   Which of the following statements is TRUE when an employer issues personal protective equipment (PPE)?

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HSE. When do you go to the fire assembly point?

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HSE   Under which of the following circumstances must injury accidents be recorded in the accident book?

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HSE _________ is not one of the main provisions in the factory act?

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HSE   All of the following are environmental factors except

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HSE. Ergonomics is the study of how humans interact with

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HSE   The two types of permit to work are

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HSE What class of fire was a wet chemical fire extinguisher specifically designed to fight?

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HSE . Which of the following fire extinguishers would you use in order to extinguish an electrical fire?

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HSE    When using personal protective equipment (PPE) legally you must do which of the following?

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HSE    The following are responsibilities of intuition in safety except………..

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HSE _________ is not one of the 4 Ps of safety

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HSE  First aiders and person responsible for emergency shutdown procedures are examples of ……….

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HSE  Which of these is not a type of accidents

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HSE   Approximately 70 workers each year die on construction sites, the main cause of this is:

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HSE One of these is not correct tip for manuals handling?

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  1. Why should a high visibility vest be worn when working on roads?

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HSE. Wet Chemical fire extinguishers were specifically designed in order to tackle ______

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HSE All of these are causes of accidents in manual handling except one

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HSE _________ is not correct about tool box talk?

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HSE  You have to walk across a site several times a day, but have to dodge a lot of site traffic. The first thing you should do is:

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HSE  A water fire should be on fires started by which of the following materials?

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HSE Who among these is not included in plant safety inspection?

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HSE Which of these is not a hazard in chemical safety?

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HSE. ____ restores partial flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart

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HSE  Fire extinguisher can be classed into

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HSE  Health, Safety and Environmental Management system (HSEMS) is a set of tool that facilitate the best practices in proactive management of _____________

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HSE.  At what point do you sound the fire alarm?

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HSE  Electrical installations on construction sites should be periodically inspected and tested:

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HSE A residual current device is designed to operate in the event of one of the following:

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HSE   In accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations, when considering whether to work live a responsible person should:

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HSE  A maximum of ………… hours driving is allowed within a twelve-hour shift

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HSE…………. refers to a systematic, comprehensive business approach to manage personal risk

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HSE. The area you must assemble in the event of the fire is called:

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HSE.  Which of the following is not an acceptable method of automatic notification delivery?

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HSE     Which of the following is not a step for successful journey management

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HSE. Who signs and reviews HSE Policy in an organization

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HSE  Execution entails…………………..

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HSE    The following are needs for safety except …………

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HSE.  When you see a fire on the worksite, what is the first thing you should do

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HSE  The modern safety movement started around ………..

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HSE When an assessment of hazardous substances has been carried out under the COSHH Regulations, the risks and control measures should be explained to:

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HSE One of these is not a step in safety?

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HSE ……........can be used to record authorized entry and deter unauthorised entry.

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HSE  The people found within the environment of the emergency are known as

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HSE   What is the purpose of using a ’permit to work’ system?

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HSE   The professional responsible for the establishment of organizational procedures  is _______________

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HSE   The basic steps of UAA are the following except

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HSE  Conceptualization involves………..

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HSE   Distribution and control of up-to-date documents are the responsibilities of

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HSE.  Wood, plastic, and paper are which of the following:

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HSE. Which of the following materials can be classified under Category D

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HSE Which of the following is correct when it comes to the type of fire extinguishers you should avoid while fighting a fire in a confined space?

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HSE.  The fire assembly point can be best described as:

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HSE   Which of the following is correct for risk assessment?

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HSE  Excessive sunlight on bare skin can cause which serious health problem?

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HSE   ……………… is a workplace condition which exist or can be caused in combination with other variable which has the potential for accidents

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HSE  _________ is not a precaution necessary in electrical work

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HSE  If the hazard cannot be eliminated, the best logical practice to mitigate the specific risk is

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HSE.   A dry powder fire extinguisher has a ________ band located above

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HSE   An accident with no damage or injury is ………………

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HSE .  Which class of fire extinguisher is used on fires involving combustible materials?

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HSE You have to enter a manhole in which you know there are toxic gases. You have all the PPE but there does not appear to be a rescue plan in place. What should you do?

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