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LM.  Which of the following agencies is not involved in road traffic management?

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LM.  Combining different transportation modes in order to get the best features of each is called:

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LM. DRP stands for

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LM. Which of the following is not included in the function of physical supply?

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LM.  The flow of goods from production to consumption is known as…………

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LM.  The green band of the traffic lights signifies ………

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LM.  The lead-time gap is best described as:

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LM.   ITS means:

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LM.  VMI stands for

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LM.  A set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user is called a:

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LM.  The cheapest means of transportation is ………

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LM.   Distribution requirement planning is a system for

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LM.. Most producers use……… bring their products to market.

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LM.  The management of an effective supply chain requires the coordination of a wide range of activities which include:

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LM.  Which of the following has not been used in the control of urban traffic system in Nigeria?

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LM. In ………… process execution is initiated in response to a customer order

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LM. ……….. serves as the connection between various stages of a supply chain

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LM.  The total logistics cost factors need to be balanced against the:

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LM.  Local governments are concerned with the construction and maintenance of …….. roads

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LM.  Moving broken, unwanted, or excess products returned by consumers or resellers is called ………… distribution.

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LM. Which of the following types of infrastructure support logistics and supply chain development

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LM. In warehousing, the acronym FIFO means

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LM. Fed-EX is an example for………… company

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LM.  A warehouse that emphasizes speed and efficient product flow to hold goods for short periods of time and move them out as soon as possible:

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LM.  Which statement best describes a supply chain.

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LM.  Which of the following is not a major transportation problem in world urban centres?

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LM.  Pricing interacts with a supply chain in many ways. For instance, transportation rate structures are adjusted by the carrier based on:

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LM.   NURTW Stands for ………

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Which of the following is not a part of Supply chain Management system?

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LM. JIT stands for

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LM. The physical characteristics of a product will often dictate the (a) forms of sales promotion to be used

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LM. SKU stands for

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LM.  ………. is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase

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LM.  Dualization of Federal Roads in Nigeria is the responsibility of:

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lm.  Outsourcing involves

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LM. Which of the following is not a mode of transportation?

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LM.  ……… and physical distribution are the two major operations of logistics

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LM.  Logistics is the part of a supply chain involved with the forward and reverse flow of

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LM.  All are International Airports in Nigeria except?

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LM. The aim of supply chain management is to:

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LM. Today, companies have to manage relation with their………… in order to ensure timely supplies and meet customer’s requirements

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LM.  Which of the following may not be a statutory role of the Federal Road Safety Commission?

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LM.   ………. is the integration and organization of information and logistics across firms in a supply chain for the purpose of creating and delivering goods and services that provide value to consumers

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LM.  Eastern Nigeria to Western Nigeria Passenger’s trip are mostly carried out using ………


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lm.  Ensuring the availability of the products and services as and when required by the customers is………… utility

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LM.  What types of costs need to be considered in making global sourcing decisions?

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LM.  What is the first step in choosing a supply chain?

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LM. Toyota supply chain is characterized by

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LM.  ………… is a board range of activities concerned with efficient movement of finished goods from the end of the production line to the consumer

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LM. Deciding on the number of and location for stocking facilities for storage of products is part of which of the following physical distribution decisions?

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