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Question - 17 You have replaced an earlier project manager. The project is already in its third month of execution. You need to determine if the project is ahead or behind schedule. What would be the BEST source of this information?

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CFM 47 - _____________ is located at the entry

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Question - 20
Your company policy allows accepting gifts from customers within certain limit. Your customer is giving you a gift which is beyond the limit of your company policy. You have given a gift to the customer's representative already which has similar in value. What should you do?

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Question - 22 You are the project manager and have decided to outsource a part of the project to a vendor. You have offered a bonus to the vendor if the work is completed in two months. This is an example of _____________.

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CFM 28 - The following are negotiation styles except

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CFM 34 - The facility should be laid out in a way that is conducive to helping the business meet its production needs is known as

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CFM 44 - HSRs as an acronym in FM means

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CFM 36 - A calculation of the following statistics shall be completed and tabulated on the improvement plans

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CFM8. Which of these is correct with respect to a product developed or a service performed.

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Question - 50 Project Team has created sub plans for each knowledge areas in project plan. These plans are called:

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Question 13
You are working on a project. To estimate the cost of the project activities, you decided to use a technique with the following: Pessimistic estimate is $1,650, Most likely estimate is $1,177 while the Optimistic estimate is $730. What is the 3 point average?

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CFM4. The following factors are to be considered when designing a parking lot except

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Question - 6 You are responsible for managing a project that deals with laying out a freeway connecting two major port cities. Progress on the project has been smooth and you and your team are very confident on completing the project well within the stipulated timelines. On reviewing you see that the project has also run below the budget resulting in savings. You decide to add an extra feature of reflector strips on the road every mile. You do a quick calculation and are satisfied that neither budget nor schedule will slip. You feel that by adding these extra features you could also bag some future projects as well. This is an example of :

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Question - 32 You and a group of managers who conduct a weekly meeting for sharing information and project management best practices. Joe who is a colleague of yours explains the need of correctly identifying all the project stakeholders. He explains that in his current project he has made use of Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix. Many of the other colleagues are not quite aware of the need and usage of this matrix - which of the following is the BEST choice?

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CFM 29 - Can a facility management job be contracted out to an external agent

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CFM 43 - ___________ is not a type of leases

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Question - 5 Your team is in its second month of development. You are managing a software development project for a banking product. In one of the team meetings a debate arises if defects found during Quality control need to undergo change control. Some team members are convinced that all defects should undergo change control while the other half is convinced that defects do not need to undergo change control. Which of the following statements are untrue?

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Question - 47 Using historical information to perform estimating is also called _______ estimating.

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Question - 39 You are managing a project which involves building software for the aeronautical domain. The nature of the work is complex and needs a lot of research. During Quality assurance both the development team and testing team suggest that the quality assurance process be changed to also include White Box testing and not only rely on Black box testing. The team wants to make this shift in approach as they believe this would lead to better quality of deliverables - what is the best course of action ?

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Question - 11 You are in the process of defining activities and have broken down the WBS into individual activities. You now decide to uniquely tag each activity with a unique code. So here what you have done is defined an ___ for each Activity

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CFM 32 - European countries agreed to define FM as the integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities in

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Question - 28 Over lunch you meet a colleague who is managing a large turnover project for setting up a chemical plant. Your colleague is worried because the client is being unreasonable and asking for changes that will have a severe impact to the scope schedule and also cost. The client is also not ready to absorb the additional impact to schedule and cost. She seeks your advice - what should she do?

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Question - 10 Your Company has bagged a number of government contracts dealing with setting up infrastructure. This includes setting up roads and bridges. This is a very big and prestigious project so your company would like to ensure everything is planned well in advance. You are the project manager of this project. Considering its importance - you and your team come up with a list of risks. One of the subject matter experts indicates that during the months of July and August the construction work of the bridge across the river would need to stop on account of past history of flooding of the river. You agree with the expert and plan the schedule accordingly. What strategy did you just apply?

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CFM 40 - A pedestrian ____________ on the road

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CFM 37 - NEPA is the acronym for ____________ according to Facility Management

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CFM 27 - The following “ACTS” are to be considered when designing a layout except

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Question - 43 You are in the process of executing a project that deals with laying out electrical cables connecting two cities. You have been reporting progress on a monthly basis. In this month due to unplanned vacations many of the staff have not turned up at work. This has caused a delay in the schedule. You decide to check if the schedule variance is within the allowable threshold - what specific document should you refer to ?

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Question - 38 A friend of yours approaches you seeking advice. She indicates she has offers from two organizations. Her role in one of the organization is that of a project Co-ordinator while in the other organization her role is that of a Project expediter. She is not quite clear of the difference between the two roles and seeks your advice. Which of the following statement is true

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Question - 18 You have just completed developing the Schedule Network Diagram for a project that deals with building supersonic state of the art Jet planes. You have identified your critical path which includes building a wind tunnel. You see that in addition there is another path which deals with building the tail of the plane - whose duration is close to the critical path. You also notice considerable floats on the other paths. You now need to assign resources to the tasks - you have a few team members who are highly skilled and a team of resources who are relatively inexperienced. What would be the best course of action while assigning resources

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CFM 48 - ___________ is not a First Aid Facility

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Question - 21 You are a project manager of a company and your project is currently in execution phase. The customer has requested you for additional work. This work will affect the budget, but not the schedule of the project. What should you do next?

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Question - 29 You are managing a project to set up a brand new play area for the community. You and your team have been working as per plan and things are moving smoothly. Suddenly one of the stakeholders indicates that the play area must also include a sand pit. This was not originally planned for so you analyze the impact to the cost, schedule and scope. You then submit the change request to the Change control board for their approval. You have immediately received an approval - what should your next step be?

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Question - 30 You have received a number of seller responses for contracting work related to setting up office cubicles. One of the bids received happens to be from a very good friend of yours. You know she has done good work in the past. What should be the BEST course of action?

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Question - 24 Of the following types of contracts - which has the HIGHEST risk for the seller?

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CFM6. The process of developing an approximation of the monetary resources needed to complete project activities is __________

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CFM5. The second most valuable resources is the ________________________

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Question - 25 What is the BEST use of a Work Authorization System?

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Question 2
Ram is managing a project. The project is about three fourth done when the site engineer reports that due to inherent complexities in a certain task the deliverables would get delayed. This would involve additional analysis and then implementation. He requests that this new work that was not envisioned earlier be added to the scope and also the time required be added to the schedule. You and the site engineer have analysed the impact of this change to cost, and have written up a change request and requested approval from change control board. Just today you have received approval from the change control board - what should be the immediate course of action?

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CFM 30 - Waste can be grouped into any of the following except

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CFM 31 - Facility Management is concerned with operating and maintaining…

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Question - 48 You are responsible for managing a project that deals with laying out a freeway connecting two major port cities. Progress in the past has been smooth but lately in the past few months you have observed a schedule and budget overrun. You decide to hold a meeting with your team members. On discussions you realize team members went ahead and made changes at the behest of the client requests on site. You are pretty sure the changes were not a part of the project scope statement – which of these project management concept did the team member refuse to follow?

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Question - 15 You head the engineering department in your company. Lately you have observed that certain deliveries are missing the schedule. On closer scrutiny you observe this to be occurring with a specific team member. You decide to discuss it out with the team member. Initially the team member is reluctant to discuss but finally opens up and indicates that the cause of the delays is often different instructions coming in from you as well as the project manager. She indicates that at such times she is confused related to whose instructions to follow - thereby causing delays - what kind of an Organizational structure is this most likely to be ?

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Question - 49 Your company has won a large project for one of the fund houses to administer their funds. The project work has been going on smoothly and the customer has been singing praises about the work done so far. The client has planned a visit the next month to go over the plans for the next phase of the project as well as to meet with the project team. Your senior management realizes that this client could potentially need additional capabilities in the derivatives segment. Your company happens to have a strong exposure to this segment having executed numerous such projects. Your senior manager also invites key managers from the derivatives segment to showcase the organizations abilities in the derivates vertical - this is an example of ?

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CFM 41 - Benefits of creating a space management system are except ___________

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Question - 31 You are in charge of building a bridge across a river. All the initial groundwork and structural designs have been completed and work is in progress. You know that the next two months will be particularly critical involving some critical activities such as Arc welding of stiffener plates. You know your company employs welders who specialize in this kind of work. However you are apprehensive regarding their availability for the next two months. What should you refer to first to find if these welders are available for the next two months?

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Question - 46 You are in charge of building a shopping portal. You are fairly confident as you have a team experienced in doing such work. As per the agreement at the end of the first month you organize a demonstration of the software. You invite the sponsor and key stakeholders. Later the sponsor informs you that she is not very happy with the progress indicating that one of the clients who would be using this software is not satisfied as her needs are not being met. To satisfy this client's needs would mean some radical changes with an impact to both cost and schedule. What could be the root cause of this issue?

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Question - 23 You and your team have just created a schedule network diagram. You have come up with the estimates and have defined the durations and subsequently have identified the Critical Path. You now decide to do a 'Backward Pass' through the Schedule Network Diagram - what would you be calculating?

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CFM 39 - __________ are not compulsory and can be added or removed as necessary.

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Question - 41 You are the project manager and decided to outsource a part of the project to a vendor. The vendor discovered some issues that impact the cost and schedule of its work. How does the vendor update the

Question - 41 You are the project manager and decided to outsource a part of the project to a vendor. The vendor discovered some issues that impact the cost and schedule of its work. How does the vendor update the agreement?

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CFM 33 - Companies that hire ____________ prefer to focus on other goals such as producing a product or providing a service

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Question - 33 You have been assigned to manage a project that deals with setting up a railway line connecting two cities. The project is complex with a lot of contracting involved. You and experts in your organization are evaluating if the rail line alignment machinery should be purchased outright or if it would be better to lease. The cost of leasing the equipment is 1200 $ per day while the cost of an outright purchase is 96000 $ and a daily cost of 200 $.The duration of laying out the railway lines is scheduled to be an activity duration of 150 days. Should you purchase the machinery or be leased - which option would be more economical?

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Question - 34 Earned Value Analysis is used to measure performance based on following parameters:

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CFM 38 - Waste may be grouped into _____________ major categories

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Question - 12 You are managing a project that has teams located in different parts of the world. While the advantage of colocation is beneficial - the team structure or locations cannot be changed. Being an experienced manager that you are - you realize that without a proper communication channel can quickly lead to chaos. What would your choice of communication be?

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Question - 45 Of the following types of contracts - which has the HIGHEST risk for the buyer ?

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Question - 14 You are developing strategies to effectively engage stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. What is process you are working on ?

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CFM 45 - Site layout planning involves ______ basic processes

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Question - 37 Which of the following best describes Expectancy theory?

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CFM3. The following are roles of a facility manager except

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Question 1

Rather than use Triangular Distribution while doing Three Point Estimation you choose to use Beta Distribution. Based on your analysis and understanding you are confident that the project would be completed with a total cost of 108,000 $. You also estimate that a best case estimate would be 90000 $ while a worst case scenario would result in the costs incurred to shoot up to 138000 USD. What would the Three point Cost estimate be using Beta Distribution

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Question - 40 The Scope Baseline consists of the following:

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Question – 16 As a project manager you understand the importance of identifying all relevant stakeholders , their interest and influence and their needs and expectations. You have been assigned to handle a large construction project. You decide to do a thorough stakeholder analysis and you identify Laura and Sean. Based on your interactions and analysis - you know that both Sean and Laura are low in the pecking order so they do not wield any significant authority or power. However where it differs is in their interest in the project. Laura has a lot of interest while Sean is disinterested. You decide to plot them in a Power / Interest grid to help determine how you would manage these stakeholders. Which of the following is the best approach to handle these two stakeholders?

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CFM 50 - IEA is the correct acronym for

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CFM1. People negotiate daily, often without considering it a negotiation

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Question - 35 Which of the following statements are not true regarding Validate Scope ?

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Question - 4 You have replaced an earlier project manager in a project .The earlier project manager has left the organization and you are now responsible for the project. On reviewing the project management plan you are disturbed because a number of procurement contracts have been signed and they all turn out to be Time and Material types of contracts - why are you worried?

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Question - 44 Which of the following activities is not performed as a part of Project Closure?A. Ensure all the deliverables as per contract are met

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Question - 9 The project that you are in charge has been successfully completed. The last of the deliverables have been formally accepted by the client. You had several contractors with whom contracts were prepared. With the project done you decide to communicate the completion details and closure of contracts. Which is the best form of communication?

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Question - 8 You are in charge of a project and to ensure things go well - you have had monthly meetings with the stakeholders. The project is running on schedule and budget. You are in your fourth month of execution - but the stakeholder indicates dissatisfaction with the deliverables. To make changes in the deliverables would mean a delay in the schedule. What would have been the most important process that could have prevented this situation?

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Question - 36 As a manager on a project you have identified and created the WBS and WBS Dictionary. You now plan to ensure that each deliverable gets the blessings of your stakeholders and sponsors. Which process are you planning to perform?

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CFM 35 - CAA is the acronym for… according to Facility Management

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CFM 42 - The second most valuable resource after staff is

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Question - 42 As a manager on a project your key outlook is to ensure that the project delivers within the scheduled timelines with minimal rework and customer delight. For some time now the project work is proceeding smoothly with a CPI and SPI a perfect 1.One of your team members approaches you and indicates that she might possibly need a long vacation on personal grounds. She indicates this could possibly occur in two months from now. You look up the schedule and as luck would have it - this team member happens to be scheduled to execute activities which are on the critical path - and her absence in two months’ time would cause a delay in schedule. You decide to take some action and reschedule task allocation to ensure that this team member is not planned to work on any of the critical path activities. What did you just do?

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CFM 46 - Why did the accident happen? What could have done differently? Are questions of …

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Question - 27 As a project manager you understand the importance of identifying all relevant stakeholders, their interest and influence and their needs and expectations. You have been assigned to handle a large construction project. You decide to do a thorough stakeholder analysis and you identify Bob and Kelly. Based on your interactions and analysis - you know that Bob wields a lot of authority and also has a huge interest in the project. Kelly too wields a lot of power but is largely uninterested. You decide to plot them in a Power / Interest grid to help determine how you would manage these stakeholders. Which of the following is the best approach to handle these two stakeholders?

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CFM 26 - Recycling is the reuse and reclamation/recovery of premises or environment

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CFM7. Most common cause of conflicts in a project is

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Question - 7 You are in charge of a project that deals with laying out a lavish 18 hole golf course. The project work is in progress. You also have a number of contractors working on the project. Being an experienced manager you know that communication is key to success of the project. You have identified 10 stakeholders with whom you need to communicate. Due to some internal and external organizational changes at the client end three new stakeholders have been added with whom you need to communicate with. You also had to reduce one of the contractors with whom you were communicating. How many communication channels do you have now?

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Question - 3 You are in charge of managing a software development project which is related to simulations for driving racing cars. In one of your team meetings - it has been reported that a lot of issues have been reported in the air tunnel modelling module. On deeper analysis - it is found that many of the issues could have been prevented had a simple code review checklist been used. You prepare a code review checklist and ensure the code is reviewed as per the checklist. This is a good example of:

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CFM2. IFMA identified the core competencies of facility management except

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Question - 19 The following are the processes in Project Risk Management?
1. Plan Risk Management 2. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 3. Identify Risks 4. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 5. Plan Risk Responses 6. Control Risk.
Which of these is the correct sequence?

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CFM 49 -WHO is the acronym for

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Question - 26 You are in charge of a software project and you are almost 40% complete. The project stakeholders want a [performance report to date. You had planned to use Earned Value Management methodology. You come up with the following numbers: EV = 100 AC = 300 PV = 150 BAC = 600. You and your team have faced numerous issues till now. However, you choose to ignore the current work performance and decide to go with what was originally planned. Based on this information what would be the EAC for the project?

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